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Welcome to Sportz Hut. We are glad and grateful you’re here. We exist to provide sports news and all kinds of sports updates for those who love sports. Whether you are a sports enthusiast or love to attach to sports, we’re here for you.

Sportz Hut is a website of sports where you get all kinds of cricket, soccer, and tennis news and updates. It’s a dream project for us, where we wanted to connect more young ones to the sports industry. Being a crazy fans of sports we wanted to defy that. We tried to cover all the aspects of the game via news, pre and post-match analysis, statistics, interesting sports facts, social media, trends, videos, humour, and more.

We have currently two members in our team. Souvik Jana and Mridul Panda are the two admins of our team. If you want to join our team please message us on our social media pages or mail us at contact@sportzhut.com

Our USP:

In a sector like sports, we have tried to create uniqueness in our articles which are apt, quick to read, and easy to access. Our content is spread in over 30 different categories that are designed considering the areas of interest of our family of readers from around the world.

We are delivering to all sports fans highly personalized news, stats, transfer updates from their favorite teams, leagues, and players. Sportz Hut also creates and distributes innovative digital content on its web, social, and esports platform.

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